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TNT was set up in 2007, when Justin Jeffery, a Biokineticist at Justin Jeffery Biokineticists, saw that there was a desperate need for physical neurological rehabilitation for Traumatic and Acquired Brian Injured people.

More on TNT

The cost of comprehensive rehabilitation was well in excess of the average South Africans salary. Only people who were on the highest level of the respective medical aids could get therapy. The therapy is also on going, and very often patients were being discharged from hospital with minimal therapy and left to their own devices. The need to cater for a group of South Africans who could achieve much more in their physical rehab had been identified.

The vast majority of the injured members have sustained a traumatic brain injury (TBI) as a result of a motor vehicle accident, sporting accident or personal assault. They also assist survivors of other acquired brain injuries (ABI) for example, stroke (CVA). All the injured members had led a full life up until they sustained a life changing brain injury, which could include permanent changes to physical, cognitive, emotional and or behavioural processes.

Working through challenges

Unfortunately, not all of the neurological patients are able to afford the treatment, as there are many costs to cover, not just only therapy. In South Africa, we are unfortunately not fully streamlined in helping this group of the population and not many therapists are willing to take up the challenge.

The Trust is aimed at providing funding to under-privileged patients, who show commitment and desire to rise above their condition and need the therapy, owing to some sort of neurological or spinal condition.

The Trojan’s Trust is aimed at helping a neurologically injured patient in reaching their goal and making that goal obtainable and giving them the chance to feel as full and self-sufficient as possible, helping putting a smile to their already extremely difficult lives.

The trust is pending a Non profit Organization status, currently we operate on a very small scale.

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