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This area is of specialised interest to Adjustability.

From experience we have designed a specific program based on scientific literature, for people who have any condition affecting their neurological system. The main aim of the programme is to maximise neuromuscular activation, strength, cardiovascular fitness and functionality in patients. By participating in the programme, we aim to stimulate neuromuscular pathways as effectively as possible with our intensively focused exercise regime. Patients that will most benefit from this program are; spinal cord injuries, traumatic brain injuries, post-stroke rehabilitation, conditions such as Parkinson’s and Cerebral Palsy, etc.

Adjustability makes use of the Ekso Bionic walking suit, which not only functions as a gait retrainer but also is used as an accessory therapy in strengthening to improve a patient’s gait. The suit is extremely beneficial, as it is scientifically proven to increase blood circulation, improve bone density, core activation, re-centering your centre of gravity, reduce the risk of urinary tract infection, improves blood pressure regulation as well as stimulates an active gait(walking) pattern.

The program entails intense physical exercise with the use of a range of equipment including the Ekso Bionic walking suit, parallel bars, SciFit stationary bike, the Total gym and a cable exercise machine as well as a range of scientific based exercises. The Adjustability team work closely with the patient with the aim to increase their functionality and to progress the patient as far as possible. A unique aspect of the Adjustability programme is that we offer two biokineticists working with the patient at all times, in order to produce better outcomes more effectively.