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Adjustability team conquers Pirates

The staff members of Adjustability take on what is known as Joburgs Toughest half marathon, the Pirates 21 km. To put into context, not all team members are runners but decided to take on their 150 minutes of moderate intensity exercise in the streets of Joburg.

As biokineticists, we are passionate about exercise and the benefits it has on the mind and body, just a little reminder of the many benefits of running:
Improves cardiovascular health: Consistent running is beneficial for the cardiovascular systems as the adaptions results in a stronger heart and more efficient lungs.
Builds muscular strength: Due to increased mechanical load, running is a great way to improve muscular strength and endurance.
Increases bone density: Stronger bones develop as the impact of running forces adaptions which increases minerals and production of bone-building hormones.
Reduces stress: Running does not only improve physical body but is extremely beneficial for mental health. Running decreases cortisol (stress hormones) and helps increase dopamine (happy hormones)

Is it not always the easiest getting started, so contact a biokineticist to help you with individualized, safe, scientific based exercise prescription.

Well done to the adjustability team!