Vuvu RadebeOrthopeadic, neurological, sports injuries, chronic disease rehabilitation and corporate wellness

    BA Sports and Recreation Marketing Management, BSC (hons) Biokinetics

    My Biokinetics started journey started with my passion for sports. I’ve always been really fascinated by the abilities of the human body. This fascination then lead me to neurological conditions as I was inquisitive about the brains interaction with the human body.

    The values that I hold in a high regard are “passion” and “excellence”. I am strong believer in the saying “do what you love and love what” and I love to carry that in everything that I do, especially my work.

    I am privileged to be doing my internship at adjust ability with such dynamic team. I really enjoy learning new aspects of my field and I look forward to growing with the team.

    “In a gentle way, you can shake the world” – Mahatma Gandi

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