Jason DavidowSports, Neurological, Orthopeadic and Chronic disease Rehabilitation

    BHSc Biokinetics, BHSc (HONS) Biokinetics

    I am currently living my professional dream!

    I acquired my interest in Orthopeadic when I started playing sports at a young age. I enjoy participating in all sports, with indoor soccer being my main interest but I also enjoy outdoor activities such as hiking. As much as I push my patients, I aspire to push myself to greater heights in all aspects of my life.

    I also have a huge passion for neurological rehabilitation and have enjoyed working with robotics (Eksoskeleton) in the rehabilitation process. I am always eager to learn more to better myself as a biokineticist.

    My purpose is to help others to overcome obstacles and defeat challenges that might be physically or mentally present, through exercise and continuous motivation.

    Jason Davidow
    Tel: 083 660 1700

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