Charl KaschulaNeurological, Orthopeadic Physical Rehabiliation, Corporate Wellness

    BSc Sports Science, BSc (Hons) Biokinetics

    I have a special interest in Neurological rehabilitation, working with patients who have suffered spinal,traumatic brain injuries and stroke. I enjoy one on one treatment approach and try to get patients out of their wheelchairs as quickly as possible – always pushing them to explore new boundaries and testing their limits.I also enjoy doing orthopaedic/sports injuries.

    I am a certified Ekso operator – a mandatory requirement for a clinician rehabilitating patients in the Ekso.

    While not working with patients, I enjoy mountain biking and have completed the Joberg2C as well as the Berg and Bush race. I have also completed the New York Marathon as a guide for a blind runner, and a few half-marathons closer to home. I am always seeking out new opportunities to push myself physically.

    Charl Kaschula
    Tel: 082 778 7837


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