Caitlin TraceyNeurlogical, Sports, Orthopeadic Rehabilitation and Wellness

    BSc Sports Science, BHSc (Hons) Biokinetics

    I am a vivacious Biokineticist, particularly passionate about neurological and spinal cord rehabilitation. Working within the field since 2014, I have learnt to work effectively with my fellow health practitioners, in a multi-disciplinary setting, for the patients best rehabilitation outcomes.

    I am an avid endurance athlete, participating in a variety of sports, from ultra-distance running to triathlons and over into trail running. With the commitment required for these sports, it translates to the commitment I show my clients in being the vessel of rehab or training they need to achieve their goals.

    I am one of the directors of Trojans Neurological Trust (TNT), a charity which was established in 2007. To raise funds for underprivileged neurologically or spinally injured individuals. Through a few yearly events and monthly donations TNT is able to assist selected beneficiaries, on their road to recovery, with the use of physical rehab, speech therapy and more.

    Caitlin Tracey
    Tel: 082 666 0766

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