Clients Testimonials

Here are some experiences from patients/ clients that have passed through our doors.

  • “Dear Anneke Hey dear, hope you’re well. Firstly I would like to say thank you for the blessing that you gave me – another change for my life. I am delighted for this program, it has brought joy in my family. As for me, it is a smile after smile every day, in such a way that sometimes I don’t sleep when I think of coming to Just Walk Bionics. It is an hours’ drive but it’s worth it. The family in Just Walk Bionics are all the same – filled with love always. The place is filled with the spirit of love and laughter. If I could I would run to the top of the mountain and invite all the broken people to Just Walk Bionics for healing, not only the body but also for the spirit. About my condition, well it’s so exciting because my sitting is no longer the same as before. Before the program, I would fall all over the place but now my sitting is improving every day. My muscles are in control. I can even squeeze my tummy muscles and feel my belly button – tjoe! It’s so wonderful to be able to stand again and be in control, I can stand for longer and my posture has improved. I wouldn’t trade that to anyone. My back feels stronger, and I can feel the muscles. I get new and different sensations all over my body – pins and needles, burning, tingling – my nerves are alive. In terms of urine flow, I don’t have to rush anymore to the toilet. I just take my time like a normal person being able to control. Well, it’s amazing! I’ve never experienced these changes before, and I am so grateful every day. I don’t want to let it go. I still have hope for new things in the future. Thank you.”

    Paula Moletsane Spinal cord patient
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