Spinal Cord Injury Rehab Program

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We are developing a program that will entail both Ekso Suit walking, as well as other exercise therapy.
We will be aiming to work through a 3 stage program, but how much time spent on each stage will be completely dependent on the stage you are in, and how we see progress.

In stage 1 we will be focusing on nervous system stimulation and reorganization. I.e. Passive movements, range of motion maintenance, repetitive movements to encourage neuroplasticity and strength maintenance of unaffected muscles.

In stage 2, we will focus on strength and coordination. This will be done through an increase in resistance, repetition, and endurance. We will aim to do more weight bearing, as well as coordination refinement.

Finally, in stage 3, the main focus will be on independence and functionality. This will be in terms of mobility. A big aim will be gait training, as well as maintenance of neural and muscular strength gains.

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