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Adjust Ability is an advanced rehabilitation program offered in Rivonia (Gauteng) at Justin Jeffery Biokineticists, that is making the impossible possible by offering individuals with lower extremity paralysis or weakness the opportunity to stand and walk again. Using an exoskeleton, our rehabilitation centre is redefining mobility by combining technology with tenacity with outstanding results. The battery-operated bionic walking suit strapped on over the user’s clothes, is FDA approved and the first and only suit of its kind in South Africa.

Patients with neurological disorders such as MS, ALS, Guillain Barre, and in time stroke patients too, are candidates for walking in the EKSO. In addition to rehabilitation with the EKSO, our centre provides non-traditional exercise-based therapy to individuals suffering from spinal cord injuries, either to maximise their recovery after suffering a debilitating injury, or to help prepare them for their first steps in the bionic walking suit. Justin Jeffery Biokineticists is EKSO’s official reference centre in South Africa.

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